Buy, hold, sell — wealth creation and investment in these strange times.

It’s a big question right now, with some commodities and the majority of share prices at all times low what done do for the best.

Well alot of people are saying keep your power dry and continue to hold cash, I dont think that’s bad advice at all actually and it’s also advice I’m sticking to for the time being.

Obviously any investment decision anyone makes is deeply personal and I’m in no way qualified to help anyone with their investments or finances but I do think there are a number if interesting things going on in the market right now that are worth us knowing about, even if it’s just for fun and to pass the time.

If you want to then explore those further then that’s up to you as an individual.

Energy shares and particularly oil and gas related shares, have as demand for oil and gas has fallen through the floor just crashed. Many of the stocks have lost 70 percent plus of their values since January. Typically these shares come back as the commodity price comes back and the market settles out, which with everyone across the world in some form of lockdown will still take some time.

Now could be a good time to take advantage of the low buy in, invest in these stocks for the upside as the markets rebalance or hold onto them for the dividends they regularly pay. As energy stocks are generally seen as dirty or tainted today by environmentalists these companies will keep paying premium dividends to offset that outlook and keep the big institutional investors interested.

But what about assets, well depending on what those assets are and where they are in the cycle it could be time to buy, continue to hold or to sell.

As an avid watch collector I’ve seen values of some watches hold pretty steady and others soar, big impact brands like rolex, panerai and patek to name just 3 are either not on production or are operating at a limited manufacturing capacity. This could therefore be a good time to sell, certainly some of those watches are going up in value right now so it’s worth keeping an eye on.

Classic and or collectable cars is also a market worth looking at right now I think based on some of what I’ve seen. While the bubble burst sometime ago back in 2019 we still hadn’t really witnessed a huge rebalance of the market although I think we are staring to see that now, which is great of your buying, although obviously terrible if your selling.

What’s interesting about this market is parts and accessories. So many of us are at home right now and those interested in cars and bikes, are digging out old projects, this is starting to take a grip on parts and accessories values and so those are actually going up. A good time to see what you have stuffed in the garage or shed and get it online perhaps.

The point is that in these uncertain times, it pays to look at the various markets and outlets, some of us will continue to hold our cash, some will look at opportunities and see investment potential and yet others will find they have riches long ago buried that are worth alot more than they paid for them…

Even if you just take a passive interest right now like myself, spend a couple of hours digging around, it’s a fun use of your time and I guarantee you will be surprised at what’s going on right now.


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