Recession beckons — A chance to expand your horizons???

Yesterday I talked about working at home and the potential advantages of that.

So with recession looming is home where the heart is or is home where the opportunity is?

Well for myself I have to say it’s where the opportunity is.

That opportunity comes in many forms, monetary, travel, culture, adventure and a chance to live outside your comfort zone.

I’m very fortunate to have been able to travel the globe and make a living since my late teens and I’m a big believer in travel expanding the mind.

However living and working in a foreign country has many more advantages to it especially if the world does go into recession.

The chance to go live and work in another culture I regard as a real privilege and a chance to really experiance other parts of the world first hand, meet new people and learn many different perspectives.

In fact I recommend it to as many people as I can. It’s not for everyone but if you can make it work for you then great.

You will come away from your time on assignment with a different and refreshing perspective. Depending on where you choose to travel to you may well build a resilience, can do attitude and flexibility that you would not have had before which will put ahead of your peers.

As most of us will know, in a recession cash is king. If your moving from a country with high tax rates and high costs of living to a country with a more friendly attitude to taxes and lower cost if living then straight away your ahead, your costs are less and you have more cash to hand to weather the storm and make the most of the opportunities that come your way.

Think about it, and if in these uncertain times you are given the opportunity grab it with both hands and make the move.


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