An Indian Summer

A Haiku about the last days of summer An Indian Summer such a beautiful thing, one last sweet week of sunshine and heat, all to be enjoyed before Autumn’s cold sting.

The late days of Summer

A Haiku Those last late days of summer, a last chance to make memories, so warm and sweet to touch…

Working hard, Staying Busy

These days its all about the hustle Working hard and staying busy, today the only way to be, for to be employed today, is to be lucky indeed.

No pain, no gain

A tale of perseverance in life No, Pain, no gain, it’s what the life coaches say. Perserverance and tenacity, the keys to a free and fullfilling life. No job left half done, no stone in life left unturned. Growing on our journey, learning more each day. A life lived full of adventure, is worth taking … Continue reading No pain, no gain

Exercise for the soul

Walking on a sunny summer’s evening is much more the just exercise Walking the road to nowhere, on a sunny summers evening, legs and mind in perfect harmony, exercise for mind, body and soul.

The state of real estate

Generation rent or Generation maybe buy Generation rent or generation buy, as millenials we cant buy homes, or so we’re told, but now the times are changing. Real estate might just become affordable, a bright note against 2020’s dark side. Milennials our time has come, own real estate our celebration.

New dawn, New day

Another reason to be hopeful It’s a new dawn and new day, the pains of yesterday can slip away, with a new dawn comes a new attitude. Enough negativity its time to power through, with positive thinking and a smile on my face.


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