Making Wine & Feeling Fine

Experiments in the Garden

I have written before about the adventures in the garden.

The next one which I have been looking forward to is making wine. We have some vines in the garden which we rescued when we moved in.

It’s taken some time, some research and a lot of care, but those vines are growing healthy green grapes.

In around 2 weeks those grapes will be ready to pick, and the real fun can begin.

Reaping what you sow

I have written about this before.The Golden Harvest at the Bottom of My GardenThe sweetness of reaping what you

One of the best things about growing your own food. Is making different things with it.

In the case of our grapes, there are quite a few ways we can go with them.

  • Grape jelly which is another preserve we will have a go at making. We got on pretty good making cherry and apricot jams. This is the next step in learning to make preserves I guess.
  • Grape juice, as simple as it sounds. Don’t underestimate how good fresh fruit juice, from freshly picked fruit can be!
  • Wine, the best part. In reality, all we need for this is the grapes, some good water, and yeast.

We have some experience brewing our own beer. So although wine looks to be a little more involved, it’s possible.

The great thing here is that like much else that we have made with our produce. It needs no special tools or skills. All that’s needed is some enthusiasm, a love of learning, and some optimism.

In about 6 weeks, I should have some results to share with you.

While that is all going on, we have peppers, tomatoes, and potatoes to look forward to. By September we will have some pumpkins as well.

As I said before one of the advantages of being locked in the house, is learning something new. We would never have used the garden to its potential before.

Nowadays though its the thing that keeps us sane!