Planning for Success The power of planning for what you want

Yeah I know it sounds simple right?

It does seem simple, I know but its surprising how often we miss this trick. We want the success but we don’t want to do the hard work to plan our way there.

Sucess rarely comes unless its planned for and you have steps that you follow to achieve it.

So it sounds simple, but the actual planning part is what a lot of us find hard.

Ok so what does the planning look like?

A lot of depends on what kind of success your aiming for, if its personal, or something in your career or financial for example.

One thing every plan has in common is the start where you are today and the end, where you have achieved the sucess.

It all just needs planned out.

Fortunately in todays age of the internet, there are a huge amount of resources and tools out there to help us with that if that is what works for you, such as:

  • Vision Boards
  • Mind Maps
  • Action Trackers
  • Goal Setting Tools

You could also go the old fashioned way and use a pen and paper.

The important thing is to write the goal down and plan out the route to achieving it.

A goal without a plan is just a dream

This is something that you may hear said by many who are successful and its something which is absolutely true.

The route to success is made up of goals and those goals can only become reality if they have a well executed plan attached to them.

It doesn’t matter if its financial, business/career, health etc. All goals need a broken down of small steps which add up to get you to the success you want to achieve.

For example if I wanted to save $1000 in a year or lose 10 kilo’s im more likely to achieve that if I have a written goal and a plan of small steps documented to get there.

We all have it within us to achieve whatever success we want to in life, the simple difference between a dream and success is just wrtigin it down and planning for the sucess.

Holding yourself accountable is as simple as that and is really what makes the difference…

Using Vision Boards How to set visual guides to achieve your goals

Image by Canva

What is a Vision Board?

Its a collection of images, pictures and sometimes motivational quotes and aspirations, which are typically glued onto a simple board and set up somewhere in your home where you can see them.

The images and pictures should be things that are linked to your goals. For example they could be:

  • Images that make you feel good, and reinforce the way you want to feel.
  • Images of the way you want to your health to be
  • Images of the home you want
  • Images of a goal you want to achieve like writing your own book
  • Images of a vacation spot you want to visit
  • Images of an educational goal
  • Images of an event you would like to attend

Really anything linked to any of your life goals can go on the visual board.

The quotes and aspirations can be either linked to you goals or can be motivational to help keep you going towards those goals, there are no rules here.

Whats the purpose?

Did you know that visualisation is one of the most powerful mind exercises that you can do?

Essentially the vison board, is a prompt to help achieve your goals through visualization of them.

Because the board is set up somewhere that you can see it often maybe in the bedroom or living room for example, you eye see it often which means that subconsciously your visualizing your goals often. Your also experiencing the feeling of accomplishment or realization of those goals.

This is turn triggers your thoughts towards your goals and sets up powerful connections between your goals and the thoughts and action of success in the brain.

Athletes have been using these techniques for decades to help them improve their performance.

Studies have shown that a weightlifter for example using this technique has the same brain patterns when lifting weights as they do when visualizing lifting the weights.

If we have no mental barriers to sucess and accomplishment in life, it means the physical barriers are much easier to overcome.

Again there are no rules here, whatever works for you is best.

Final thoughts

There are lots of tools and techniques out there to help us with our goals, whatever those goals may be in life.

Vision boards are certainly one of the tools that we can use to build success and have the following advantages:

  • Easy to set up
  • Utilize the power of the brain and its association with visual guides
  • Take very little time to maintain, since the brain sees the goals often and goes through the mind exercise of visualization subconsciously

Im not suggesting that the vision board is the one and only solution you ever need to help achieve whatever goals you may have in life, however it is a low mainteance high impact tool which can help along the way.

This week I’ll be sharing some more on the other tools I use to help set me up for success in life, however what I will say on the Vision Board is that I use it daily and it definitely helps me keep going especially when I’m in need of some motivation.

Journaling to achieve your goals

Connect with your subconscious

Image by George Walker, Courtesy of Canva

How to channel your subconscious to achieve your goals

This is something I’ve discovered since I started journaling as a serious daily habit, and for me at least I’ve found it really works.

I have been journaling on and off for about 2 years now, and finally committed to it as a serious daily commitment and part of my routine around the start of this year.

I’ve always had difficulty in accepting that I could be creative, so taking two years to accept that journaling was an exercise worth even just for myself, is a pretty good time line for me (It took me 10 years to start writing and publishing my work for example).

Since I committed to journaling daily I have seen a lot of the benefits that others have reported and that have been written widely about such as:

  • Writing down my internal dialogue helps me make sense of feelings
  • Writing down my thoughts and ideas lets me get them out of my head and onto paper where they can either be trashed or developed, I have an eidetic memory so being able to take those thoughts onto paper really helps me either stick in the archive folder in my head or prioritize them, for others like my partner who also developed the habit it helps her to get rid of thoughts and feelings she just doesn’t need to hang on.
  • Writing those thoughts down also allows me to de-stress and it quietens down my mind at the end of the day, I’d go as far as to say that journaling is now an essential part of my sleep routine.
  • It gives me a chance to think about and record what Im thankful for in my life, which I find de-stressing and also gives me more appreciation for the world around me and has given me an appreciation for practicing mindfulness that I didn’t have before.
  • It gives me a dedicated space to document my life and my progress towards my goals, that all mine. I just need to be honest with myself.

There are many other benefits that people have reported from journaling, but those are some of the headlines for how it works for me.

There are many ways to journal and I think its something that you do need to play around with yourself to find what works for you, however I do think that its a powerful tool for channeling your internal dialogue and therefore subconscious.

The biggest benefit I have had from journaling is an exercise I started 2 months ago, and is now THE essential part of my journaling routine.

The last thing I record in my journal before going to sleep is up to 8 questions for my subconscious to work on, these can be anything from self development, to what I need to improve in my writing, the development direction my business should be going, any issues Im having or problems Im difficulty in resolving.

In the morning, I get up grab a cup of tea and breakfast, open the journal, and pick up a pen, I start to answer the questions, just writing what comes from my subconscious, no filter, no thinking about just writing down the answers to the questions.

While I sleep my subconscious is working on the answers.

What this has done is give me clarity on the direction I should be going with my goals and the confidence to pursue them no matter what they are, if they are meant to give me enjoyment and fulfilment I’ll document that when I ask myself the question.

Likewise many things that were not giving me enjoyment, fulfilment or bringing me closer to my goals have been removed, giving me a simpler and less stressful life.

Ive also refocused on things I didn’t even know were that important to me, like family (that sounds bad and it is but at least I can be honest about it), the direction I want my life to in, the things I need to improve in myself, and also given the uncertainty in the world right now I have a clear direction to take in the event that I lose my job.

To say im less stressed, more rested, more in touch with my true self and sense of purpose and just generally happier and more grateful for the life I have is an understatment.

If you have been thinking about journaling or are journaling now and would like to 10x the benefits, then please give this small trick a go, its changing my life for the better, it coul give you a world of benefit as well…