Much more than just a simple Animal out on the Steppe

The humble horse so revered in Central Asia,

transport, play mate, friend, and food.

So much more than just an animal,

worth more than just it’s bill of goods.

A life style and life giver,

for those who make their living on the steppe.

A rugged brutal country,

which can break the will of man,

Without the humble horse,

so much harder to survive…


A taste of Kazakhstan

Beshbermak, a carb and protein attack,

made for hard living horsemen,

working hard out on the steppe.

Each family their own version,

handed down through generations,

lamb, horse even venison,

all made with love and affection.

The first true taste of Kazakhstan,

that wonderful country on the Silk Road,

which stands so tall and proud,

in the heart of Eurasia…

Atyrau on the Silk Road

Another Poem About the Silk Road

There’s a town twixt Europe and Asia,

where the Ural river splits the land,

a bridge of golden promise,

where the silk road stands so proud.

History all around us,

centuries old trading post,

today’s its the home of black gold,

on the shimmering Caspian sea.

If you want to explore its rich history,

it’s only a plane ride away,

beautiful, rich land and cultural,

Atyrau, Kazakhstan is its name.