The Glens and Lochs of Home

Scotland’s wild natural landscape.

The wild hills of Scotland,

the land thats home for me,

rugged land of beauty,

and a mix of weather too.

The glens, lochs and valleys,

so much to explore,

a wide expanse of nature,

experienced by air or foot.

So much to see and visit,

natural beauty to adore,

we are so lucky in Scotland,

to have such nature at our front door.

The Salmon Leap

Bridge of Feugh on the River Dee

The Salmon leap on the river dee,

known as the bridge of Feugh,

where the water flows and tumbles,

and the salmon make the jump.

Heading onwards upstream,

towards their nurseries,

up in the cairngorms park,

where the water’s cool and clean.

A pristine nature park,

if your ever up that way,

head through the dee valley,

take a trip to bridge of Feugh,

where the salmon leap,

and the view is great…

The Dee Valley

A hidden paradise in the North East of Scotland

Sunny days and golden rays,

shine down the dee valley,

the river flowing to the sea,

narrow, rough and rapid.

Salmon there they leap and climb,

life born in the dee valley.

A microclimate full of grace,

sheltered from the wind and rain,

hidden jewel of Scotland.

If you ever visit my home land,

make sure you travel there,

to the heartland of the North East,

the Dee Valley paradise.