Exercise for the soul

Walking on a sunny summer’s evening is much more the just exercise

Walking the road to nowhere,

on a sunny summers evening,

legs and mind in perfect harmony,

exercise for mind, body and soul.

The barbeque

Mans last domain and his summer throne

Cooking with fire made by man,

takes us back to a simpler time,

so powerful and primative,

plus it makes food taste good.

It’s mans throne in the summer,

our last domain of control,

even the kids recognize,

authority of the king,

when he’s stood cooking at the grill.

In control of his world,

we stand on his every word,

waiting for the food and fun to come.

Happy times with family,

shared in the summer sun,

food and beer and stories,

the days go on and on.

The long days of summer

Another Poem about Summer days in the sun

Long summer days,

lazing under the sun.

Summer’s the season,

so full of fun.

The heat of the sun,

vacations and family fun.

Days spent exploring,

free from the school.

A child’s delight,

fun with friends in the field.

Those special summer days,

that seem so endless,

still fresh in our mind’s,

forever and ever.

Summer BBQ

A poem about Summer

Summer is the season,

for this man to play the chef,

its BBQ season and I won’t let you forget!

If it can be set on fire,

I’ll flame grill it for you,

sipping on a cold beer,

thinking I’m cave man.

Cooking with fire feels so primeval,

sounds silly but it’s true,

man creating fire,

it’s what I was born to do!