Does it squeak?? Tales of prosthetic balls and mens health

As I was offered a prosthetic testicle, and knowing I was not going to be starting a new career in nude modelling or porn, the only question I could think to ask the consultant was does it squeak when you squeeze it?

It was 2013 and I was being talked through the surgery options for testicular cancer. After some confusion about the question being asked, the consultant informed me that no the prosthesis would not squeak and so we both decided that since there was no fun element being added by it that I could live without it.

Fast forward to 7 years later and after the surgery and a round of chemo therapy, I’m happy to say I remain cancer free and live with good health. I also realise that I not invincible or not as much as I though it was anyway, and that mens health is a big deal.

Most men are good at putting off illness or pain or other health concerns and dont like to visit the doctor. I’m definitely in that camp myself and because of that attitude I’m lucky to be able to be here to write this.

I think that especially in these times when we are all so focused on the covid pandemic it easy to lose focus on other areas of our health.

My message in these times is that we need to stay focused on our general health and stay alert to changes in our body.

Testicular cancer for example which affects around 1 in 270 men per year has a 95 percent sure rate, but like everything else it needs to be caught early.

Please make sure you are checking yourself daily, any pain, anything different, any lumps or bumps that were not there before, get it checked it out.

I could certainly have saved myself alot of stress and hardship by manning up and going to the doctor when I first noticed something different.

Same goes for all areas of your health. I see so many stories right now about health services being stretched by covid 19 and while that’s true, If you have a health issue whatever it may be you owe it to yourself, your loved ones and your friends to go get it checked it, 99 percent of the time it will be nothing, but the one time it may be something that visit could literally save your life.

Stay safe and health.