Summer is on the way, could staying at home suddenly become a lot more fun?

This is a question I’ve been asking myself all weekend.

In Central Asia our winters tend to be long 5 or 6 month affairs, brutally cold with howling wind. So waiting for the seasons to change can seem like forever.

We have a short spring end of March to mid April and then its straight into summer.

This weekend it’s finally here, we have been enjoying temperatures in the 20’s, it will stay like this for another 3 or maybe 4 weeks and them climb into the high 30’s before cooling down again in September.

This last week was pretty rough, we are 5 weeks into working and strictly staying at home, with the knowledge that we have another 4 weeks minimum to go here.

But now that summer is here at last, i do have a real positivity about me this weekend.

Today Ive spent out in the garden getting some small maintenance jobs and the weeding done, its also my exercise at the moment. I cannot tell you how good it fees to have the warm sun on my back as I write this.

My house is now the land of opportunity, short are now the official dress code of the office. The office itself will be moving outside at least as an experiment to make the most of the great weather and the beautiful sunshine.

As a proud Scotsman who comes from wet and windy Aberdeen, summer and warm sunshine are my favourite combination.

Even though our social interaction is still limited to online, I can spend time outside with my partner, we can spend time on projects in the garden which give us something else to do with our time.

More importantly we can get the Bbq fired up, just need to make sure that we ration ourselves so that the charcoal lasts.

In the next few weeks keep an eye out for spring changing into summer where you are, take a note to make the most of the time you can spend outdoors. Even if its not with friends and family right now, a bit of the old vitamin d and some nice temperatures can make a world of difference to your perspective.

Summer is here folks, make the most of it!


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