Paying it forward

Acts of kindness or support your community could maybe use right now

This is a subject that is feels very relevant to me right now. The ongoing lockdowns and quarantines that are affecting myself, my friends and my family in various parts of the world, have changed the world we know in such a profound way in such a short period of time.

I’m in a fortunate position where I have everything that I need, I’m not a frontline worker, so I have the luxury of working from home. At home I have internet to allow me to work and be paid for it, I have clean water and I have food.

I have a colleague who is currently working in the Ivory Coast, who is now working tirelessly to help those affected in her community there and those back in her home country Malaysia. When I saw what was happening there and the impact in both countries which are so far apart from each other in both distance and time zones, it really got me thinking that I could do more also.

Now donations and charity in particular are very individual beliefs and I wouldn’t want to push my own beliefs onto anyone else or tell anyone how to spend there own money.

But maybe there are some things that we can do that cost us only time and if you are in the position to do any of these things I would urge you to consider them, not only may you help someone or help the healthcare system, but by paying it forward and practicing an act of kindness you might just feel better yourself as well, and who wouldn’t want a boost of energy, happiness and confidence right now?

We can do things like use video calls, and video messages to check in with friends and love one. Maybe even make them laugh, it takes 2 minutes to brighten up someone’s day.

Seeing a friendly face on WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype etc. and catching up with them face to face online can make the world of difference in someone’s life.

Our healthcare systems are under pressure with regards to PPE, items like latex gloves, face masks, safety glasses, googles and masks are all in need. Maybe we have some of these items hiding in toolboxes, shelves and cupboards in the house, shed or garage. If we all take 5 minutes out of our day to check what we have, we may find some items we forgot that we have or don’t have a need for anymore. There are Facebook pages, Instagram pages, radio campaigns for this were people can donate these items safely following social distancing guidelines. There is an added element to this in that you never know what pleasant surprises you many find for yourself during this exercise.

Other things we can do is donate stuff we don’t use any more such as, clothes, food items, toys etc.

Its all needed and its sometimes better to donate than trash if its in good condition, both for yourself and your mental wellbeing which gets a boost, and the environment.

Like I said I wouldn’t presume to tell anyone how to live their lives or spend their hard earned cash. These are just some things Ive practiced or been amazed at others practicing during these strange times.

You never know, it may give you the opportunity to connect with old friends, family you don’t always manage to keep in touch with or clear space by donating urgently needed supplies that you never use.


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