Recession — An opportunity to hit the reset button? Why a negative event can trigger a positive outcome

It just might not always seem this way.

The first 5 months of 2020, have been clouded in plenty of negative events and as the world starts to crawl back out of lock down and quarantine, it looks like recession is going to be the next thing to hit us.

The great thing about change is the opportunity that comes with it. As a species we hate change and that’s ok, its our nature. What we can do is control our response to it and make sure we look for the opportunity in the changes that come our way.

Especially in difficult economic times there are opportunities, sometimes it may be a chance to invest at a great price when markets are at bottom, that will end up generating a great return when markets pick back up, although those opportunities sometime come through pain and turmoil like losing a job.

It may not seem like it at the time, but such a seismic change can set you free, to chase opportunities that you may not otherwise have taken.


I realize im coming at this from a glass half full perspective, but that’s kinda the way I am.

One of the great unanswered questions most people have in common, is what would I do for a living if I had a choice?

That may mean, getting back into employment but in the job you actually want, it may be the opportunity to go back to school to get the skills and qualifications you need to pursue your dream job.

It could be that you always wanted to work for yourself, more people than ever before are becoming business owners and its never been easier, cheaper or quicker to set up a business.

Necessity is also the mother of all invention as they say, you may not have through about it before but starting a business could be what you need to keep yourself afloat. 

In doing so the opportunity to discover what you want from life may well manifest itself.

Im not suggesting that you will become a millionaire over night, if you do then fantastic.

My belief is that everyone has something that they are good at, something marketable that they can make money from, most of us just never have the opportunity to think of ourselves in those terms.

Final thoughts

What we are going through now may not be easy, especially if your facing the prospect of unemployment, but in life there are always opportunities and right now the gig economy is thriving.

Run through a checklist with yourself:

  • What skills do you have?
  • What can you do to help other people?
  • What do you have that people need?

Once you identify those, research, research and research some more:

  • What are people writing about your skills?
  • What the best marketplace for them?
  • Whats the going rate?

Getting started is easy, if you have a smartphone you have everything you need to begin with.

If you write then medium is a great place to start, if you have other creative skills Fiverr or upwork may be the answer.

Linkedin, instagram and facebook are also great places to start.

Life is an adventure especially when we least expect it to be, fortunately these days we have online learning, the gig economy and internet.

Opportunity is everywhere you just need to know where to start.


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