EL Camino What the Breaking Bad Sequel doesn’t tell us

Image by Canva

Warning contains Spoilers

This is a final warning this does contain spoilers!!!

The end of an era?

It was bittersweet to watch the movie, which I have to say I discovered by accident on Netflix last Saturday night, while searching with my partner for something to watch.

As huge fans of the Breaking Bad story and the prequel series Better Call Saul it does feel like El Camino is the end of an era.

Although it looks like Better Call Saul, has at least one more series in it, El Camino has brought an end to the Breaking Bad story which has captivated audiences since its debut in 2008.

A surprise ending to the story?

I have to say that for us it really was, and as entertaining as it was, it brought a lot of new elements into the story which hadn’t been clear before to the viewer and also a look behind the crazed lives of the gang that ultimately kidnapped Jessie.

What we really missed was Walter White of course and we had hoped for more of him in the back story and flashbacks.

Gilligan or Tarantino?

This was the dissapointment for us really, at times it was hard to tell if this wasnt Breaking Bad simply in a Tarantino style.

The story flucuated and timelines came and went, there was also a fair amount of grit and gore, more reminiscent of Tarantino.

What we really missed were the ground breaking camera angles and interesting shots from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

That said perhaps they are just not possible in a short feature film.

Happy ending?

For us I think it was, we got to see both sides of Jessie, that flawed character we got know so well, who has a good side to him, even if its hidden away.

Overall for us it was a fitting end to the franchise and one that we enjoyed immensely, it just missed a few of the things that make a true Breaking Bad spin off for us.


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