Goal Setting Its as easy as writing it all down

Really that’s it ???

Well almost and anyway its a good first step.

Goals that are not written down and don’t have an action plan are dreams.

If we think of the typical goal that doesn’t make it to reality, the old classic the new years resolution is a good example of that.

Its typically something that we tell ourselves, we may even tell friends and family but, very rarely do those new years resolutions make it as goals, they remain dreams unfulfilled .

Ok so what’s next?

The first step is taking those dreams from your head and writing them down as goals to be achieved by a specific date on paper.

The way that works for me is they are front and center on page 1 of my notebook, therefore I see those goals every day, but whatever works best

for you, is correct for you….

That’s it that the first step and the goal set.

After that?

Once the goals are written down, you can make you connection to them stronger, by using visual boards and mind maps, to visualise the steps you need to take to achieve the goal and also what the goal looks like once its achieved.

These are powerful tools which cost nothing but time to use.

If you have some dreams which remain unfulfilled what’s stopping you from writing them down and turning them into goals then reality?


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