Trying Hemmingway

A game changer for writers?

Whether you are a reader or a writer on medium.

Its hard to escape the hint that we should be using the editing application Hemmingway.

Articles referencing this free tool are everywhere.

The knowledge implied is that you can write whatever you want, and you may have some success.

But to be good at writing, like everything else in life, we need to understand that the devil is in the detail.

Editing is the key to being successful.

Its also the key to improving the final draft that gets published for others to read.

To start with I was focused on the writing and hitting the publish button, so I would have at most 2 drafts.

That was it good, bad or indifferent it was getting published.

As a writer starting off that was neesecary to get me over the fear and to make sure I published.

As time has gone on I have focused more and more on the editing, which I hope shows in my writing.

But as much as I read about it, I stayed away from the Hemmingway app.

I did that because I wanted to focus on building my own editing skills.

Today was the day I took the plunge and tried Hemmingway for the first time.

I ‘am so glad that I did.

The app simplifies sentence structure, cuts out adjectives and removes use of passive voice.

As a copy and paste interface its fantastic and even better online its free.

Going forward ill be using this as my go too editing tool for two reasons:

  • Its going to help me improve my editing skills and for that reason alone I should have used it much sooner
  • Its a free and easy to use interface and that’s something I love

There are paid for versions but for me the free option will work.

If you too have been reading all about Hemmingway and wondering what the fuss was all about give it a go.

Im sure you will be happy you did.

*I have no affiliation with the app at all, I’m just so impressed by it that I had to write about it*


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