When did George Orwell’s 1984 start becoming reality?

Has the Orwellian Dystopia arrived in 2020?

This is a question I have been asking myself as a joke on and off.

Can this year actually get more Orwellian ?


When it comes to advice and legislation. There is one set of instructions the population gets. The government then seems to apply a unique understanding of those rules to itself.

The message from the media is also conflicting and unclear. On one hand supporting the government. On the other attacking when it suits the agenda.

Is this double speak becoming of age?

Population Control

The next in line is population control. We have this in place right now across the globe. Covid 19 has seen to that for us.

While this will go away as quarantine restrictions end. It has for most of us given us a taste of population control. I’m quite sure that no-one would welcome it as normality.

While I’m not saying that quarantine wasn’t required. It 100% was neesecary.

What is scary is how fast our liberty and freedom can be restricted.

Surveillance and Self Reporting

This is the 3rd warning sign and one that came in around the same time as population control.

A rise in surveillance and people reporting each other. Mostly for violations of quarantine restrictions.

This one should go along with population control as restrictions end.

This is not a serious comparison…

Its rare to be able to compare life to some of our favorite or most controversial novels.

The controls on population movements and the increased surveillance, have had a purpose.

Without them the pandemic could be much worse.

What has been scary is how quick it all happened.

We shouldn’t forget that freedoms are hard fought for.

When this passes and it will. A swift return to the freedoms we usually enjoy is key.

If that doesn’t happen then questions need to be asked.

Is the world turning into an Orwellian dystopia?

No not today. I’m no conspiracy theorist so I don’t see any danger of that.

What this pandemic situation does show if anything. Is that the link between thought provoking fiction and events in the real world can be closer than we thought.


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