The simple life — Gardening our secret pleasure

Anyone remember the simple life?

The sit-com where a couple ditch the corporate life and become small scale farmers?

While they went all in, there is no reason that we can’t dip our toe and enjoy the same benefits.

Sometimes the simple pleasures in life are the best.

Spending time outside, and growing things is hugely enjoyable.

Being able to eat what you grow is also great. The result of that hard work always tastes sweeter.

Especially today when we can’t pursue a lot of our other hobbies. Its been a huge amount of fun growing fruits and vegetables.

We also rescued the abandoned grapevines and gave them a new lease of life. If we get some continued good weather, a bit more rain and some luck we should have grapes to make some wine.

Sitting at home, not being able to exercise as much as we would like, it can be hard.

Whether you have limited room in an apartment or balcony. Or your fortunate to have a garden.

Its great fun, a simple activity that’s harder work than you might think.

A de-stressor, exercise, and food production all in one.

If you have been looking for some inspiration to try something new. I can really recommend some gardening.

Its been a secret pleasure of ours since the spring. Now that we are enjoying the fruits of the labor, I think its time to share it.


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