Junk food junkie

A Poem about Junk Food from a recovering addict

Oh I’m a junk food junkie,

a sad but simple truth,

get it any way I can,

till my health comes home to roost.

Junk food is a lifeline,

works on depression, sadness, pain,

weight gain is the side affect,

bad health the end game.

I want to change my lifestyle,

get my health back on the path,

thought this would be easy,

but quitting is no laugh.

Junk food has a hold on me,

it’s scary but so true,

the sweats, anxiety,

the sleepless nights,

all over simply food.

Smoking, drugs and sex,

rock and rock excess,

but just with eating junk food,

I got into the same mess.

Don’t let the smokescreen fool you,

the health concious are so right,

what you are is what you eat,

for anything unhealthy,

just keep it for a treat!


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