Can an old dog learn new tricks at school?

Going back to school in middle age

As we get older we generally work out the best way to learn.

I’ve written about that before here:How to learn effectively onlineA how to guide for those who love to learn but hate to be

We are all different after all.

Not everyone goes down the college or university route after school.

As time passes it can make sense to revisit that decision. In my case, as far as I have progressed in my career. I will stay at the level I’m at without more qualifications.

Now I love to learn, but I hate to be taught. But since I don’t have a choice, I’m heading back to school. In 2 years I should have a shiny new degree.

This is one of the advantages of going back to school when your older. You have decades of experiance and knowledge behind you. This is an advantage as you get to skip the basics, if you can prove you understand them already.

In fact most universities will allow remote study for older students where they can join the degree program in the 3rd of 4th year.

That takes pressure off both the financial and time commitment needed to complete the course.

Another advantage of going back to school when your slightly older is that you learn from a younger generation. There is an openness on both sides to listen and to share idea’s that you don’t get in a room filled with peers your own age. We share the same biases and cynical world view.

The advantages of learning some new knowledge and skills. Interacting with the next generation in a level playing field, and gaining the qualifications needed to enhance a career.

Well those are hard opportunities to turn down.

Can an old dog learn new tricks at school?


It may be hard work and take some commitment, but everyday is a school day as they say.

The benefits of learning later in life really are hard to beat.


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