Taking the first steps in Poetry

Poetry is another great way to flex your writing muscles. Its also one with few rule’s!

Poetry, the ultimate in short storytelling.

If you have been thinking of flexing your creative writing muscles. It’s a great place to start.

There are very few rules in poetry at least when you’re starting out. It’s more about free thinking and expression.

You need some structure to the verses but that’s really about it. What you do within those is up to you.

As a way to start writing short stories and fiction, poetry is pretty hard to beat.

Got writer’s block or need an exercise that gets you into the zone?

Poetry again is great for that, you don’t need to share it and it doesn’t need to make sense. What it will do is open up your mind, get you writing, and provide some inspiration.

Since there is no word count and minimal editing required, the pressure to produce the goods is not there.

If you have ever thought about trying it, I’d say give it a go.

Poetry as an art form for a writer is seriously underrated. It’s a very useful tool to get your mind ready for a day’s writing. It will also take you to places as a writer that you never thought you would go.

Poetry has taken me into the world of short storytelling and longer fiction pieces. Something I never thought possible.

Switching to poetry on my writing days when I start to struggle also keeps me in the zone for longer.

What are you waiting for? Give it a go today!


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