Apple vs Android, is the Iphone a sweeter deal?

A review of converting back to IOS from Android

Smartphones, an essential part of modern life. Today they are the equivalent of a laptop in our pocket.

Up until 2 years ago, I had only ever used blackberry or I Phone. Then came time for a replacement.

In central Asia the cost of an apple device vs android was huge. So I made the change.

A lot of what has been written about android is correct. One a top-spec phone the battery life and the speed of the phone is seriously impressive.

The access to apps in the google store is also seriously impressive.

Now though due to work requirements it’s back to Apple. Last time I used an iPhone it was a 6s. Since I have been gone things have changed it seems.

At the time going to android was a revelation for access to apps and battery life. Having come back to the iPhone it seems the playing field has been leveled.

I bought an XS model phone because well I got a great deal and it does all I need.

The battery life is much improved over the previous model and so is the access to apps.

The best part though is the connectivity and syncing between the iPhone and Ipad.

That’s been a bit of a game-changer for me. That advantage will get much bigger when I’m able to travel again.

No more laptops required which is huge.

Is the apple sweeter than the android?

Until recently I wasn’t sure, but switching back with a new phone and the latest IOS updates I have to say it is.


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