Entrepreneurs don’t do it for the money

If you want to be successful, first find your why

Strange but true.

Successful entrepreneurs don’t do what they for money. There is something else that drives them to success.

Their WHY…

If you listen to anyone successful in business. These folks will often say they had a lightbulb moment. Most will say it was that moment where they realized they could never work for anyone.

Others may say, they found a solution to a problem and had to bring it market.

Whatever that WHY might be. Rarely if ever is it money.

They may use money as a way of keeping track of their success later in life, but it’s not the motivation. Which makes sense, when you chase money, rarely if ever doe’s it come to you.

Finding your WHY:

If your thinking of starting out in business yourself, this is a key question to ask yourself.

If the answer is to make billions, you may want to re-think that answer. Chances are that with money as your why, it will be harder to come by.

Entrepreneurship takes real dedication and motivation. It’s much easier to keep going when you are passionate about your reasons for pursuing them.

It could be that your why is to improve lives. It may be educating people, the list is endless.

The important thing to remember is that the journey to success is difficult and long.

Having real inspiration and motivation to keep moving forward is key.

That’s why when you ask most entrepreneur’s they will tell you they rarely do what they do for the money.

They do it for the love of their WHY, whatever it may be.


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