Supercharging Your Wealth Growth Strategy

Is a stock pick subscription service worth it?

Investing, as a wealth growth strategy. It’s a well-worn path to take. Whether you invest in a fund or trade them yourself. There are many options to consider.

For many of us though, investing will be part-time and long term strategy. It might be another income stream or a longer-term strategy to gain wealth.

Whichever it may be for you, is there a way to supercharge that potential?

Picking stocks can be hard. So many ratios to consider, plus do you have enough knowledge of the market the company trades in?

I’m very much still learning myself and so I tend to stick with high dividend yield stocks in industries I know. That gives me a recurring income from my investment. Which is comfortable.

But I don’t have enough to invest over the long term for that to change the needle for me.

I need something else to do that for me.

I have the ability the balance sheet, income statement and to work out the ratios. But what I don’t have in say the tech space. Is the ability to understand where a company fits into a market.

Because of that, and after taking advice from others. I have done what I thought I wouldn’t need to ever do.

I’m paying a subscription to a stock-picking/evaluation service. Specifically, one that covers tech and start-ups. That’s where I need some help.

For roughly 100 dollars a year, I can afford to wait it out and see what happens.

Feedback from others seems to suggest it has helped them, grow their investments. As a result, their wealth has increased, and with the insights provided to them. They feel more comfortable investing in areas they hadn’t been able to before.

We all know that in today’s economy we need diversified income. Investments are a sensible part of that income strategy. Some help for less than a year’s trading costs seems like a sensible buy to me.

Over time I’ll update on this and let you know if the service works out for me. I’m also interested in reader thoughts.

What strategies do you use to grow your wealth, and increase knowledge in your investments?


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