Homesickness Blues

A poem about being in quarantine abroad.

2020 its been a funny old year,

just over half way through,

with nothing to cheer,

just doom and despair,

wherever you look.

Well maybe not quite,

but it’s not far off right,

the biggest challenge for 2 generations,

keeping people locked down,

across all of the nations.

It’s the right thing to do,

this action saves life,

even if it causes temporary strife.

Life as an expat so often a goal,

can be quite lonely and tiring,

thoughts drifting to home,

of family and lands so far away.

Easy to reach in easier days,

this will all end just as quickly as it came,

of that there’s no doubt we know the old game,

but for now we are left with just one little gift,

the homesickness blues…


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