Italian Passion and me

A story about a love of red Italian motorcycle’s

Italian engineering passion,

in red please with a V-Twin,

underneath the racing fairing,

make the bike pop, bang and shake.

Engineered with character,

2 wheeled machine just feels alive.

Jekyll and Hyde lurk within it’s throttle,

gently urging you push harder and faster,

releasing it’s latin temper as you push to the red line.

Then its up another gear, surging forth once more,

adult fun with all your clothes on,

adrenaline rushing to the brain,

motorbikes mean dopamine and pleasure,

so the sciectific folks say.

I don’t know if that’s true,

but for me the independance and the freedom,

are what started my journey,

now a passion for any bike that’s made,

red, v-twin and Italian.


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