Welcome to writing for thought

Hi my name is George Walker, I’m an engineer and keen amateur writer and painter, currently based in Central Asia. Welcome to my site, I hope you enjoy the content, feel free to join in on the discussion and debate.

So why writing for thought? Well up until maybe 1 year ago I hadn’t really written anything expect emails, reports etc for work and writing for the simple joy of writing was Ill admit fairly alien to me. However after starting to journal, I became aware that writing was incredibly stress relieving for me, and I’ve been writing ever since.

So why a website dedicated to my writing? Well in the end of the day my writing habits are pretty much like my reading habits, i prefer non fiction, and my aim is to be both a published author and to take my hobby to a professional level. I can only do that If I have outlet for people to read my content. So while I have also been using Medium to post for a short time now, Ive decided i should also have a dedicated site to share more content with you all. At the moment be prepared for me to write about anything and everything as I move forward.


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