Moving forward with your goals, 1 step and 1 goal at a time.

Sometimes these things are like public transport, you wait for what seems like forever for something to happen and then it all happens at once.

In this case for me, after deliberating and procrastinating as well for a significant period of time, 3 of my goals came together within a month and here I am today, writing about it on my own web site, and talking to you all as a published author.

These steps may seem insignificant to others and that’s ok, but to me they are big steps taken along a road that’s got a long way to go still.

1. I took the first steps into the world of writing in the public domain, opened a medium account and started posting articles, this helped me achieve 2 goals of my goals, which were to publish content online and become a published author (Albeit right now self published with next to no readership)

2. In the same week, i was invited by my employer to write an article on engineering in AMCHAM magazine in Central Asia. This strengthened the feeling of meeting the goal of being a published author since its an independently published article for a wider audience and albeit indirectly I’m being paid for my writing.

3. Start a website to share my writing with the wider world

In one month as i have move forward and focused on those goals, I’ve been able to realise them. I cant say that this has been a quick process as It most definitely has not, but i can say its very gratifying.

Whatever your goals are, keep focusing on them and especially right now, when we have the freedom and free time to pursue those goals and make them reality, what’s stopping you?

Thanks for reading



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