A different take on the COVID 19 pandemic and lock down

So we are all hearing different stories, opinions, casualty and death rates as COVID 19 sweeps across the globe and causes mayhem. Many of us are in isolation, either choosing to self isolate, or having to isolate and lockdown by government mandate.

It’s a strange time for the world in terms of our health, socially and economically. Many of us have simply not experienced these depp changes before.

No doubt it is truly daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. So much of the time we are too busy to stop and take stock of our lives and quite often things like work control us instead of the opposite way around.

So I urge anyone kind enough to read this, let go of as much worry and doubt about this situation as you can. We can’t control this virus as individuals, that’s a fact.

What we can control is our response by social distancing, self isolating, making sure our hygiene is on point etc, other than these things we have no control over it.

So instead of worrying about what we cannot control, embrace the extra time and freedom.

If your working from home take the time you would normally spend commuting as time for you. Spend time with the family, learn a new skill, get back into your hobbies and passions or create new ones.

You could even follow your goals like me, for example. This blog, being published and taking writing seriously are all goals i have been able to pursue in the last 3 weeks while locked down and working from home.

The point is that this won’t last, the time, the space, the freedom and opportunity it creates is just temporary but we all have a window to do something truly remarkable for ourselves and for others. We just need to look at the situation from a perspective of opportunity.

It’s a great opportunity to spend more time with your loved ones (even if they drive you crazy) and to learn more about yourself without the cloak of everyday life covering you.

It’s really a great opportunity to learn what you really want out of life and use the time to build the skills and knowledge to achieve that.

In my view the time we have in the next few weeks and maybe months is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity that if we are just positive could be the best opportunity to pursue a truly enjoyable and fulfilling life, that we will ever have.

Thanks for reading and stay safe


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