Creativity, something for the weekend sir?

No matter what your hobbies and pursuits are, chances are that right now you can’t indulge in them at the weekend the way you normally would.

To effectively break the weekend out from the rest of the week during these times, we need to break out our creativity and do something different.

Luckily for us all there are literally millions of options here, most of which can be enjoyed from the comfort of our very own lockdown cell, sorry I mean home…

The internet has a big role to play here as we can search for how to guides and video content to help us start well just about anything.

Being creative and using the artistic sides of our brain and personality has huge physical and mental health benefits and also has the handy advantage that it distracts us and takes us a usefully large portion of our time once we are in engaged in a creative activity.

It could be photography, after all your smart phone give you all the options you need and an app such as lightroom or others gives you alot of creative possibilities for those photos for free.

You could take that final step and get writing on medium, on your own blog or even just in a journal.

You could learn to play that instrument that gathering dust in the attic.

You could even indulge in some drawing or painting, got some paper, or wood or plasterboard etc in the garage? Got some household paint and a kitchen knife even? Great you can now have hours of fun creating abstract art.

The list of possibilities is endless, but what they all have in common is that they are all tremendously good fun, great for your mental and physical wellbeing and easier than you think to get started.

This weekend give it a go, I guarantee you wont regret it…


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