Keep Buggering On and other lessons we can learn from the struggles people endured in WW2 at this difficult time.

If you have read anything else I have written this week you will know that the current pandemic has been on my mind.

Most of what I’ve written has been about staying positive and while I am in no way comparing this current situation to the hardships, tragedy and atrocities people faced in WW2 . I do think we can relate to some of the restrictions on movement and look to those amazing people to come out of this with some wisdom, some lessons learned and a different perspective on life.

Firstly as my idol Winston Churchill said — KBO or keep Buggering on. No matter what life throws in your way just keep your head down and keep going, keep aiming towards your goals. The direction of life doesn’t need to change, but keeping a positive attitude and recognising that the journey may just take a little bit longer will make a difference in your ability to deal with all this change in our lives right now.

On the issue of positivity, its important to keep everyone around us motivated, if we cant do that then it’s time to take some time out for ourselves and get our thoughts, emotions and attitudes adjusted to the positive, before we interact with our social group.

Especially when your all in the same situation and climbing the walls, negativity is toxic, we can all do our bit to avoid it.

We are stronger together, when was the last time you engaged with the community you live in? For many of us probably not all that often, especially with today’s age of the internet and social media we do spend far longer interacting online with people than face to face in our community.

Today we can change that, even with social distancing we can use whatapp for example to interact with the neighbourhood, support those who need help and interact with each other positively

We are all in this situation together and we are stronger working through the issues of quarantine and lockdown together positively.

The civilian world largely did that 81 years ago, and while we are not facing the same issues right now that the world was back then, we can adopt the same attitude and come out the other end with some positivity and a new found appreciation for each other.


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