My experiment in vegetarianism continued

Surprisingly still going strong after 6 weeks….

I‘m now about six weeks into the experiment. I stopped keeping track a few weeks ago.

For anyone who wants to catch up, I’ve included links to the previous installments at the end of this one.

Losing track of when I last ate meat. Well, I take that as a good sign that the experiment continues to be positive.

I’m still enjoying myself with it. Still experimenting in the kitchen and trying new foods.

I’ve not been bored with what I’ve been eating either which is a good sign as well.

It’s not all been smooth sailing as you would expect. But that’s ok, some bumps in the road I can cope with.

hat said, having a garden full of fruit and veg has helped. Being stuck at the house has been an advantage here. Food tastes much sweeter when you have grown and picked it yourself!

In this catch-up, let’s cover the bad first before moving onto the good

So as I said it’s not all been plain sailing and over the last few weeks I had 3 issues I needed to fix:

– Having fruit in the garden is awesome. But too much of it messes with your blood sugar. I have to be careful to make sure I don’t each too much. The fruit is great but needs to be balanced in my diet.
– I need to make sure I’m eating enough calories. There have been times where my diet has just been off. I haven’t eaten the calories I needed and I didn’t lose weight as a result.

– I developed an iron deficiency. I thought this might happen and it did. It’s just something to be aware of if you make the switch in diets. A simple supplement or eating more leafy greens solves the issue.

The good

Well yes, there has been a lot of good:

– I have continued to lose weight despite some bumps in the road.
– Not once have I missed eating meat
– I continue to learn more about my body, and feel fitter every day

Having gone from thinking I would be lucky to manage 1 week of this new diet. I have been surprised at how easy it has been.

I’m also surprised at how healthy and fit I feel. That’s not all down to eating vegetarian. At the same time, I cleaned up my diet quite a bit.

Overall though so far I’m enjoying the journey and meeting the goals I set. For as long as that continues I’ll keep to this diet.

Six weeks or so in, if you ever thought about making the change I would say go for it. If only for a short time, the benefits are worth it. Plus it’s always fun to try something different.

1001 Personal Experiments Continued…A casual fling with

1001 Personal Experiments Continued1 week into my fling with


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