The Pen is Mightier than the Keyboard

Maybe, Maybe not, but it is at least fancier…

Maybe I’m old fashioned but I love a fountain pen. There is something so functional about their design.

Then there is the way they feel when your writing on the page.

But they are a bit like listening to music on vinyl.

If you’re into it, then its the purest way of indulging yourself and your hobby.

The main issue is it’s a pain to set them up and get going. Then there is the cleaning and the maintenance.

A keyboard is just much easier and quicker. Which is a shame because you don’t get the same feeling.

I used to try to write my first drafts with my beloved pen. It took ages, then I had to type it all out. By the time I had done that it was an hour or so wasted.

Plus I would be editing as I went which was a nightmare. I quickly changed to using the keyboard and haven’t looked back.

I still use my pen for notes and for day to day business. But it’s no longer a writing tool which is a shame.

I’m interested to know if you’re taking the time to read this what your opinion is?

Do you prefer a pen or keyboard?

Please leave a comment I would be interested in your opinion.


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