Restomod goes electric

A change in direction for classic cars?

There is a huge change going on in the car world at the moment. I ‘am of course talking about electric cars.

Not so long ago a joke, now everyone is joining the party. Including the classic guys.

Restomod where a classic gets restored to look like it did back in the day. While being modified to drive like something more modern is not new.

In fact, Restomod is a new name for something that we have been doing for decades.

What is new though is fitting classics with an electric motor. It seems to be the new ‘in thing’ for the industry.

It started out with cool looking cars that had poor engines in them. This was more or less accepted by enthusiasts as it made sense.

The backlash started when muscle cars, classic Jaguars. Even a Ferrari got changed to electric power.

For many, this is a disaster and the end of the world as they know it. For the rest of us though I think we can look at it practically in 2 ways:

1. Taking a car so well known for its engine and making it electric is a spectacularly brave choice.
2. The owners who have gone down this route may just have future-proofed their cars.

Bear with me, I know that sounds crazy but think about it for a second.

Next year E10 fuel will come onto the market. This will limit the amount of time a classic can run because it eats older fuel lines, seals, etc.

Electrification future proofs against that.

The second threat is environmental legislation. We already seen limits imposed in cities for cars of a certain age. Again electrifying future proofs against this.

If you own one of these cars chances are high you want to be able to enjoy it.

If you are an enthusiast then chances are you want to see these cars being used and shown.

As much as I love the sound and the feeling of a V8 or V12. We have to be honest with ourselves and say their days are numbered.

In fact, Restomod controversial as it is, means we get to enjoy these cars for longer and isn’t that what the scene is all about?


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