Going back to old fashioned family fun

Board games and cards are back in fashion

In central Asia, we have a 90dgc swing in temperature between winter and summer. Which means lots of time indoors. It’s either too hot or too cold.

So lots of time with the family killing boredom off.

Sound familiar to the situation we are all living in right now?

A good way to kill that time is the old fashioned approach. Board games and card games.

They are great fun, take a few hours to finish, and importantly are full of good lessons to be learned.

When you have had too much of movies or video games, revisit some classics from the past.

Monopoly, for example, is great fun and takes 2–3 hours to play. There are of course other games available.

Cards do the same thing too.

Speaking to other families and looking at social media. It seems like lots of us are getting in on the act.

Good old fashioned family fun looks like it really is making a comeback!


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