A Decanted & Chilled Out History of Wine

A short, fruity history of wine

In vino veritas. In wine the truth as they say.

The real truth around wine is that it was once a healthier drink than water. The process of creating alcohol killed impurities.

Like beer, wine was first made somewhere between 5000 and 7000 BC. Makes sense, the process is the same with water and yeast. The only difference is grapes instead of cereals.

As time has gone by, and since the mid 19th century. Wine as a social drink has increased in popularity.

Whether its European, New World, or Asian wine you enjoy. Red, White, Rose, or sparkling. There is a choice out there to suit you and your budget.

Top tip, with any wine, decant it into a jug. The let it sit in the room for 30 minutes before you drink it. This quick trick transforms any wine.

If you live in the right climate, you could even experiment with growing some grapes and making your own?

Wine, a healthier alternative to water in days gone by. Who Knew?


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