The History of Beer In a Small Cold Glass

A short but sweet history

Beer, it’s one of our oldest drinks.

First produced somewhere between 5000 and 7000 BC. We have been enjoying it ever since.

That cold, brown, foamy nectar has, along with bread. Been said to be responsible for humanity’s ability to build a civilization and develop technology.

Quite amazing for some cereal, water, and yeast eh?

Up until the 19th century, beer was something made in small community processes. All those famous European beers?

They all started in a neighborhood or someone’s house.

In the 19th century as science improved. Repeatable batches of that all-important yeast were possible. That meant brewing beer on an industrial scale.

That meant big brands and actually through a lot of the 19th and 20th centuries. Not too much choice.

The craft beer revolution has changed that again today of course and we have more choice than ever.

The humble pint. Not only responsible for bad ideas and hangovers. Seems like it’s pretty much responsible for civilization as well!

Today’s choice of non-alcoholic craft beers means that even if you don’t like or don’t agree with alcohol. Nothing is stopping you from enjoying a cold one.


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