Italian Passion and me

A story about a love of red Italian motorcycle’s

Italian engineering passion,

in red please with a V-Twin,

underneath the racing fairing,

make the bike pop, bang and shake.

Engineered with character,

2 wheeled machine just feels alive.

Jekyll and Hyde lurk within it’s throttle,

gently urging you push harder and faster,

releasing it’s latin temper as you push to the red line.

Then its up another gear, surging forth once more,

adult fun with all your clothes on,

adrenaline rushing to the brain,

motorbikes mean dopamine and pleasure,

so the sciectific folks say.

I don’t know if that’s true,

but for me the independance and the freedom,

are what started my journey,

now a passion for any bike that’s made,

red, v-twin and Italian.


Much more than just a simple Animal out on the Steppe

The humble horse so revered in Central Asia,

transport, play mate, friend, and food.

So much more than just an animal,

worth more than just it’s bill of goods.

A life style and life giver,

for those who make their living on the steppe.

A rugged brutal country,

which can break the will of man,

Without the humble horse,

so much harder to survive…


A taste of Kazakhstan

Beshbermak, a carb and protein attack,

made for hard living horsemen,

working hard out on the steppe.

Each family their own version,

handed down through generations,

lamb, horse even venison,

all made with love and affection.

The first true taste of Kazakhstan,

that wonderful country on the Silk Road,

which stands so tall and proud,

in the heart of Eurasia…

The Silver Darlings of the sea

Herring and sustainable fishing

The humble salty herring,

silver darling of the sea,

caught in net and barrel,

Served fresh to you and me.

Seafood provided by the ocean,

is good if fished sustainably.

Lessons learned, mistakes not repeated,

the modern fisherman believes,

so we eat the seafood harvest,

fresh and tasty on our plate.

And thanks’ to all of the fisherman,

working hard to feed the mouths,

of men women and children,

of those brave souls,

we should be proud…

A Central Asian Empire

A story of Genghis and his Khan’s

The Khan of Khan’s out riding the steppe,

in fear for their lives his rivals wept.

Fierce and determined he mowed them down,

world domination the aim, his jewel and crown.

A fearsome empire stretched half the globe,

powered by the silk road if truth be told.

From central Asia he ruled the world,

outwardly his view point turned.

Onwards and upwards to greater things,

today if you are central Asian you must be related to him.

The Khan of Khan’s Genghis is his name,

millennia later his name still brings fame.

The Glens and Lochs of Home

Scotland’s wild natural landscape.

The wild hills of Scotland,

the land thats home for me,

rugged land of beauty,

and a mix of weather too.

The glens, lochs and valleys,

so much to explore,

a wide expanse of nature,

experienced by air or foot.

So much to see and visit,

natural beauty to adore,

we are so lucky in Scotland,

to have such nature at our front door.

A citizen of the globe

Do we still have purely national identities?

Scottish, British, European,

which one do I choose,

only one identity,

or citizen of the globe?

What was once a big space,

compressed by air travel and internet,

no longer unexplorable,

all of earth within our reach.

All of the world is home,

not just one country or destination…

A Writers Life

Its never boring always more to come…

A writers life is never dull,

planning, writing, editing,

always something new.

So many genres to explore,

novels, short stories and poems,

these are just a few.

It’s a great creative outlet,

words and feeling flow,

except when writers block appears,

and anxieties in the air.

Even that soon passes,

and its straight back to the fun,

creating, learning, sharing,

words and stories with the world…

Safe Harbor

A parking spot for boats and a place of wonder

Large and small,

famous and humble,

safe refuge from weather,

a place to recharge.

Harbor is a safe place,

refuge from the storm,

start of new adventures,

at sea and on land.

No finer sight than the breakwater,

home is in sight,

then after two days,

head back out again.

A life spent at sea,

the ultimate mistress,

through good times and bad,

she entices you back.

Safe harbor an oasis,

a center of calm…

The Dee Valley

A hidden paradise in the North East of Scotland

Sunny days and golden rays,

shine down the dee valley,

the river flowing to the sea,

narrow, rough and rapid.

Salmon there they leap and climb,

life born in the dee valley.

A microclimate full of grace,

sheltered from the wind and rain,

hidden jewel of Scotland.

If you ever visit my home land,

make sure you travel there,

to the heartland of the North East,

the Dee Valley paradise.