The many faces of the weather

Hot and humid in July,

cold and windy in December,

one thing we can always trust,

the ever changing face of the weather.

It can make or break the day,

vacations spent underneath umbrella,

or in hot golden sunshine,

the ever changing face of the weather.

Working outside in the frost,

hand and fingers nipping,

or outside in hot sun,

burning up with the sweat dripping,

one thing we all agree on,

the ever changing face of the weather.

When an Industry is Dying

A Poem about an industry ending

The industry I love is slowly dying,

my dream since boyhood is wasting away,

a rusted out hulk seen its share of better days.

Still an honor to be there in its dying days,

working to preserve the shell thats left,

the burning embers, which we might save yet.

An industry with not quite one foot in the grave,

times change and technology moves us forward,

nothing can keep up with the slow march of time.

To think that we saw the glory days,

the champagne and starlight,

the money and fame.

Gives something to hold onto,

stories to tell to a younger generation,

of an industries fame,

where the fires burned brightly,

then cooled to a simmer.

Not so long ago we all thought,

we were onto a winner,

for years the predictions had been of the end,

but the old girl kept going,

another road, another bend,

till instead of the tunnel,

there’s just a wall at the end.

Bloodless, Bloodlust

A poem about blood, guts and gaming

Guts, gore and blood,

suggested but never seen,

bloodless, bloodlust,

played on console,

viewed on screen.

Beat em up,

shoot em up,

rob em,

a world of fantasy.

Availible by joystick,

shown on tv screen.

Starting out in Business

A poem about entrepreneurship

Starting out in business,

first steps so hard to take,

but if you want to be your own boss,

their steps you have to make.

So many think about it,

but never get the chance,

entrepreneurship is a brave choice,

success not guaranteed.

Money’s not the only thing,

that these brave people chase,

its the feeling of their freedom,

that the entrepreneur’s chase.

Board Games or Bored Games

A poem of family fun

Board games or,

bored games,

I’m not really sure.

They rarely come out,

only rainy days for sure.

It’s a mystery why,

because there such good fun.

Winning or losing,

it just doesn’t matter.

Time with the family,

playing games,

having fun.

Summer Family Fun

Another Summer Poem

Summer days,

spent in the sun.

Family time

made of memories and fun.


and paddling pools.

Epic water fights,

warm summer nights,

filled with fun and games.

At the end of day,

I have to say,

summer is endless joy.

The long days of summer

Another Poem about Summer days in the sun

Long summer days,

lazing under the sun.

Summer’s the season,

so full of fun.

The heat of the sun,

vacations and family fun.

Days spent exploring,

free from the school.

A child’s delight,

fun with friends in the field.

Those special summer days,

that seem so endless,

still fresh in our mind’s,

forever and ever.

Summer BBQ

A poem about Summer

Summer is the season,

for this man to play the chef,

its BBQ season and I won’t let you forget!

If it can be set on fire,

I’ll flame grill it for you,

sipping on a cold beer,

thinking I’m cave man.

Cooking with fire feels so primeval,

sounds silly but it’s true,

man creating fire,

it’s what I was born to do!


A Poem about the modern environment

Let’s go enviro-mental,

and break the status quo,

our attitude to waste,

really needs to go.

So at odd’s with common sense,

hypocritical it’s true,

send so much waste to landfill,

it poisons me and you.

The sea, the air the rivers,

all bear the human mark,

best we start to clean up,

before Earth gives us the sack!

Freedom on the open road

A poem about Motorcycling

Freedom and speed on the open road,

v-twin underneath me growling for more.

Motorcycling its my passion,

never goes out of fashion.

The speed and adrenaline pushing me on,

the ultimate high on black roads, under blue sky.

If one day it should come to an end,

through old age or excitement in a fast sweeping bend.

I’ll know I lived a life as full as can be,

yes motorcycling is the lifestyle for me.