Lost in Music

A poem about Music and Humanity

Music a gift as old as the hills,

pots and pans and spoons we use,

children make music with any excuse.

As children grow up we listen some more,

rock music, pop music, jazz and more,

so many genres to explore and enjoy.

We move into our teens and explore it some more,

get lost in music, culture, fashion and more,

all while building our lives soundtrack.

Then it’s out into adulthood and it changes once again,

different music added and we go get lost some more,

then eventually as we get older, we go back to what we know,

rewind the soundtrack and replay our youth,

a lifetime lost in music, what a wonderful truth.


The power of the sea

A poem about the sea

A shimmering mirror,

a powerful force,

mother natures pride,

in blue, green and gray.

Calm and friendly one minute,

a raging storm the next,

every hour exciting,

who knows what she will bring next.

Those who understand her,

know respect and fear,

such a powerful force,

mixed with beauty and freedom.

A hot day in the tropics,

or a storm in the cold North sea,

both have a beauty and calmness,

that can only be found at sea.

Never stop respecting,

a calm sea never made skilled sailor,

spend some time there and you’ll know why!

Junk food junkie

A Poem about Junk Food from a recovering addict

Oh I’m a junk food junkie,

a sad but simple truth,

get it any way I can,

till my health comes home to roost.

Junk food is a lifeline,

works on depression, sadness, pain,

weight gain is the side affect,

bad health the end game.

I want to change my lifestyle,

get my health back on the path,

thought this would be easy,

but quitting is no laugh.

Junk food has a hold on me,

it’s scary but so true,

the sweats, anxiety,

the sleepless nights,

all over simply food.

Smoking, drugs and sex,

rock and rock excess,

but just with eating junk food,

I got into the same mess.

Don’t let the smokescreen fool you,

the health concious are so right,

what you are is what you eat,

for anything unhealthy,

just keep it for a treat!

My old friend jet lag

A poem about long haul travel

Zones in time,

there’s 37,

that’s just fine.

Jet lag, Jet lag, Jet lag,

your the villain of the skies

downside of travel I despise.

Each time zone is a blessing,

taken one by one each day,

but when jumped by aero plane,

the effects are here to stay.

Jet lag, Jet lag, Jet lag,

your the villain of the skies

downside of travel I despise.

There are ways to beat him,

I have to say that’s true,

but when you long haul travel,

jet lag’s waiting there for you!


A poem about the world

Time is a friend,

from the beginning to the end,

sometimes slow, sometimes fast,

a companion to the last.

Through the ups,

through the downs,

clock face moving round and round.

It’s a constant you can’t chase,

take it’s value from watch face,

creation of the human race.

Whether rich or poor,

time comes marching through the door,

you can’t stop it’s constant march,

life’s a blast but not meant to last.

Atyrau on the Silk Road

Another Poem About the Silk Road

There’s a town twixt Europe and Asia,

where the Ural river splits the land,

a bridge of golden promise,

where the silk road stands so proud.

History all around us,

centuries old trading post,

today’s its the home of black gold,

on the shimmering Caspian sea.

If you want to explore its rich history,

it’s only a plane ride away,

beautiful, rich land and cultural,

Atyrau, Kazakhstan is its name.

The silk road

A poem about the historic silk road

A road and a story as old as time,

Asia and Europe crossing a line,

bridging divides between people and culture,

crisscrossed with danger, predators and vultures.

Dusty and hot, snowy and cold,

lined with silk and incense and gold.

Through valley high and river deep,

the road is so long and no time to sleep,

goods to buy, to sell and exchange,

travelling by horse days out on the range.

Riches in person, in life and in spirit,

life’s an adventure, go out and live it.

The four seasons

A poem about the ever changing face of the earth

The summer breeze, those autumn leaves,

The winter’s ice and snows so deep,

The first breath of spring, and the life it brings,

The four seasons of earth, the agents of change