Turning Negatives into Positives

Its all in our heads

The glass is always half full

At least this is my attitude, in the eternal optimist.

Not everyone understands that way of thinking and people who think this way can appear to be naïve or living in a different world at times.

Neither impression is quite correct but I do think that being an optimist or opportunist makes you look at the world in a different way.

A World of Opportunity???

Depends on the way you look at the world and the situations you find yourself in.

Often times the only difference between negativity and positivity is what’s in our heads.

When we think negative thoughts or negative words about a given situation come out our mouth, they really influence the outcome of the situation and our thoughts about it.

Im not suggesting that we all need to be joyously happy all the time, but if we look for the positives in a situation it can make a huge difference in how we see the world.

A world of opportunity is only ever a positive thought away, its that simple.

Final Thoughts

I was reading the book by the Motorcycle Racer and Commentator Steve Parrish the other day and it really was the inspiration for writing this today.

While I probably don’t have quite the same attitude as him, I do see where we share similar traits which I think are worth sharing.

Any situation in life no matter how dire it may seem has something positive in it, even if that’s just the fact that your learned a life lesson its a positive.

Humor often works also to change the mood, and again positive humor changes the mindset.

Its amazing what such a small change in mindset can do.

The next time you feel negative thoughts bubbling through, try simple smiling, laughing at them or deleting them by saying something positive, you may well be surprised at the outcome.


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